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Blog Disclosure

Folks, I am not a medical doctor. Anything you read on this blog is of my own opinion, although I do try my best to back up my opinions and ideas with peer-reviewed research. Regardless, don’t do something just because I tell you to do so. Make sure your doctor says it’s ok.

Additionally, in the event that I include any product reviews or sponsored content, I will inform my readers whether the product was free from the manufacturer or purchased by me. I am a sponsored athlete by some really awesome companies (listed on the right), and I signed contracts with these companies because I love their product. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be sponsored by them. Regardless, I will provide truthful information and my honest opinion, whether I am compensated or uncompensated.

Lastly, some of my blog content contains affiliate links, from which I earn a percentage of any sale generated through these links.Affiliate links are only personally identifiable to the merchants whom you choose to do business with. In these circumstances, I am never given access to your identity or personal information. The merchant tracks transactions and pays me through third party affiliate networks. I screen merchants carefully and only promote offers which I believe are honest products and services that I use myself, and think that my readers would be interested in. I never provide false or misleading information to my site visitors. Third party ads do run on this site as well. While I do not have complete control over the ads shown, in the event that one is shown that I do not approve of, it will be removed if possible.