Monthly Archives: December 2008

For those of you in Houghton this New Year’s Eve… Come to the NYE Fun Run/Walk!!


SKI and Fun

Skiing has begun! I am so excited to get out on my new Rossignol classic skis and kick it on the Tech Trails. I LOVE classic skiing… I just haven’t been doing it the last few years. It sure makes my adductors sore, though…

I’ve also been rocking the trainer rides hard so far. Yesterday’s workout was ladders, and they weren’t too bad (not as bad as the 4x10min big-gear repeats…). I would have blown up if the last 1-min interval was any longer, though. I had my bike computer reading 34.1mph, though… Sustained for 60secs. I have to work on my cadence…

Also, I’ve been organizing a New Year’s Eve run up here- the logo was just made by Jessica Brassard of Portage Health… Now we can advertise, find sponsors, get people to do something healthy on New Year’s Eve!! What better way to celebrate the New Year than by starting your resolution early?! 🙂