The breakfast revamp #i8this

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I actually think breakfast #2 is the most important meal of the day, which typically occurs after my first workout before I head to work. Before I run or swim or bike in the morning, I like to eat a little something so that I have food in my belly to keep me from stopping early because of hunger pains. But, it’s usually a small snack, not a meal by any means- maybe an orange, or a piece of toast, or sometimes a smoothie.

I have got into the habit of eating eggs for breakfast and have revamped my diet to focus more on getting in the recovery-friendly foods, typically high in protein, following most workouts. My main breakfast is usually around 500-600 calories and is typically my biggest meal of the day.

Today, I made something special. I wanted fruit, but knew I couldn’t eat a bowl of raspberries before heading to work. So I made a super delicious, somewhat fancy, but super *easy* breakfast and I wanted to share it with you.

First, I grabbed some leftover Trader Joe’s Organic Sweet Italian sausage from this weekend’s barbecue festivities. This comes in a 4-pack, is pre-cooked, and can be added into just about anything. Each link is only 140 calories and loaded with lean meat protein (15 grams!) so it is an easy choice. I chopped up one link along with a small zucchini that I got in my Fair Shares CSA this week, and sauteed them in a nonstick pan without oil or butter until the zucchini was browned. While that was cookin’, I toasted two pieces of Rudi’s gluten free multigrain bread and spread a little bit of real butter on each slice (sans butter can save you anywhere between 70-150 calories). I then microwaved for 45sec some frozen organic raspberries (about 1/2-3/4 cup), took it out of the microwave, and added plain, nonfat Trader Joe’s organic yogurt on top (1cup). I bought some large Food Network ramekins that work great for this type of preparation, and they are kind of classy to eat out of too. I felt like I was at a bistro.


MyFitnessPal is great because it can break down my diet on a meal-by-meal basis, and it helps me plan out my meals as well. And, it has just about everything that is found anywhere. Raw vegetables? They’re in the database. Random food from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods? That’s in there too.

So MyFitnessPal lets me tinker, too (again, back to the meal planage). Let’s say I wanted to have a more balanced carb/protein ratio (1:1), then I could sub the toast and butter for 2 large scrambled eggs. It comes out pretty stinkin’ even, and drops the calories a bit too (see below). If the yogurt/fruit combo is dropped, then the protein/carb ratio hits more of a 4:1 ratio which is quite appealing to some as a post-workout recovery meal.

And lastly, in honor of one of my friends who also started using MyFitnessPal, I thought I’d come up with this breakfast in vegetarian form, since that’s how she rolls:

Not too shabby. Getting in the protein is a little more tricky for vegetarian diets but this meal seems to have a great balance between protein (yogurt and eggs) and carbs (fruit).

What are you eating for breakfast these days?


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  1. holisticguru

    Love. It.

    I’m still eating first breakfast as I read this (apple with pb). I have all of the ingredients for the vegetarian version for second breakfast, right after my run! Yay!

  2. Ooh….sounds like another good option, as we’re starting to get summer squash in our CSA shares.

    Normal breakfast is 2 eggs (over hard), lean turkey breast, cheese, and homemade salsa, wrapped in a whole weat tortilla with a skim milk chaser. Quick and easy.

  3. I use an app too, and I dealt with the whole triathlete/protein thing for a year and then some after my wreck, but I was 100% vegan. Total pain in the ass. Good luck though.

    My breakfast varies on my training that day, but always includes a superfoods green shake, and a major protein sourse(egg whites or greek yogurt)

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