Indoor Deluxe: KickAss Cave

When the weather is like this:

I depend on this:

Training is now rolling full steam ahead, and I am stoked. 3hr trainer ride? No problem. Masters swim every day of the week? I am down. I am feeling back into the groove, and it makes me grin from ear to ear. My rest days that much more worth it. I am ready to crack the whip. I bought a new swimsuit and got two new pairs of goggles. My cupboards are stocked and my freezer is loaded. I am ready to go.

I “remodeled” my living room into the KickAssCave and its sweet. I got new speakers, a shelf for my computer to sit (so I can watch all the Netflix and Daily Show I can handle), and I even have room for several bikes in case I have a trainer party. Not to mention room for a yoga mat. But, you see… I don’t do yoga…


I use my yoga mat for my favorite sort of torture: TriggerPoint Therapy. My Quadballer and Grid are getting in overtime lately, and I like it (as I wince).


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. awesome!! master’s every single day? holy cow!! i wish i could come for a trainer party!

  2. You just need a couple industrial fans and you’ll have some training partners for sure.

  3. That sounds perfect!! I hope we won’t have to ride inside much longer!!

  4. michaelrunner

    If I wasn’t confined to my little office in the basement I’d be right there with ya. You put a positive light on the tough part of winter training. I feel like getting on the trainer right now.

  5. Nice set up! I love it! Pain and torture!

  6. nice!!! I’ve got mine set up in my bedroom but sadly I have to take it down after each ride!!

  7. Awesome!! Let the games begin 🙂

  8. I really want to invest in a trainer, but I have no idea what kind to get!

  9. Love the set up!! I need to get some TP stuff, I use a tennis ball and a crappy foam roller right now. It is on my list for my upcoming birthday.

  10. 3 hour trainer ride? I think I would rather listen to babies cry for three hours than spend 3 hours on the trainer, but it’s close.

    Thank goodness I do not start putting serious hours on that puppy for another few weeks. Here’s hoping the weather gets warmer—quickly!

  11. Woohoo! Horray for getting back in the swing! Race season is coming up fast…

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