The blueberry queen

Yesterday afternoon, I went blueberry picking at the Gierke Blueberry Farm in Chassell. I was on a mission to pick a shitton of blueberries, enough blueberries to (dare I say it) last me through the year. This is a big feat, because I 1) LOVE blueberries and 2) have a problem with stopping when I eat them.

I picked and picked, and picked some more. I found a few jackpot bushes, and felt gluttonous about halfway through but could.not.stop.picking. By the time my friends dragged me away, I was 17.5lbs of blueberries richer.

What will I do with all these blueberries, you ask? What won’t I do. Muffins. Cobbler. Ice cream. Oatmeal. A bloggy-friend sent me a recipe for Zippy-Fast Blueberry Crisp (via microwave) and I am psyched to try it. But my favorite thing to do with blueberries is just eat them raw and plain.

Today, they’ll be fueling me right on a long ride through the Keweenaw (I had creamy grits with 1/2c blueberries for brekky). Chances are good that I will stop along the road somewhere and find another blueberry (or raspberry. or thimbleberry) bush to steal from.


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  1. Oooh!! If your friend doesn’t mind… would you share the microwave crisp recipe with me? I have some blubs in the fridge that would probably be better cooked at this point 😉

  2. I just put blueberries in my oatmeal this morning. LOVE that!

  3. Don’t forget to freeze some so you can have delicious blueberries in the middle of winter!

    P.S. – I bet your poop is nice and purple today!

  4. 17.5 lbs? wow. No joke, you are the queen. Wear that crown proudly.

  5. mmmmm mmmmm… i love eating frozen blueberries for dessert. Also very good with a few sliced almonds, drizzle of honey, and dash of cinnamon!

  6. I know this recipe isn’t gluten free, but maybe it will work with GF flour? Barefoot Contessa’s coffee cake muffins (sour cream is KEY!)… sooo yummy!

  7. 17.5 pounds?

    Well THIS explains the recent blueberry shortage here in California.

    On a positive note, picking blueberries may be the only thing you do that I have a chance of keeping up your pace.

    I’ve already given up on keeping up with you on the swim, bike or run so I think I start working on my random fruit picking skills.

    All the best,


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