Wanna take a vacation?

One of the reasons I am racing at least one Boston Qualifying marathon in every state before I am 50 is because I want to visit the entire US. As a kid, my parents would take my sisters and I on a road trip to Florida once a year or so, and we’d travel via pick-up truck or minivan through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. I loved experiencing so many different mini-cultures on the 1,000-mile drive from Toledo to Orlando. It seemed like we’d always go to Florida in the summer, but I know that isn’t true. We went a few times over Christmas break (and I remember, the Santa at my grandparents’ place brought me a Christmas Barbie) and we were there for a few spring breaks, too. But until I moved to Montana for grad school, I had never been west of the Mississippi! Boy, was that a domino effect. Living in Montana for two years, I traveled all over, from Southern Cali to Northern Cali, New Mexico, British Columbia, Alberta, Portland Oregon, and Seattle. And heck, I even bought a $400 plane ticket to Germany! The travel bug nested itself, and I wasn’t about to get rid of it.

Now, as an adult, I look forward to cruising around from state to state racing what the US has to offer. And what better way to experience the US than by spending some quality time (26.2 miles, to be exact) in each and every state? I get to eat local food and hang out in one of each state’s biggest towns. It’s also a great way for me to meet up with long-lost friends. When I raced the Whidbey Island (WA), Lincoln (NE), and Salt Lake City (UT) marathons, I stayed with my former roommates and traveled with former teammates from college. Perfect reunion time!

I have a feeling that the next 12 months is going to be jam-packed with some seriously fun race-related trips. At least, that is my hope! My buddy, Erik, just qualified for the Ironman World Championships by placing 2nd in his age group at Ironman St George this weekend. Woohoo!! So of course, he’ll need a support crew in Hawai’i– right? And although there aren’t any marathons around the time of IMWC (that I know of) in Hawai’i, I can at least scope out the local food and coffee (and maybe run a faux-marathon on the IM course before the race?).

My friend and roommate, Sam, is going to be hiking over 12,500 miles in 2011, as he’s doing through-hikes of the four longest trails in the US. For Sam, it’s a major race and test of endurance- when he completes this All-In-Trek, he’ll be the first person ever to do all four of these trails consecutively (and his goal is to be done by 2012).  I am looking forward to meeting up with him somewhere along the trail and hiking along with him for a few miles (that is, if I can keep up).

And then, in February, I am crossing my fingers that I can travel to Costa Rica for the first international Rev3Tri event! Where I will be in life at that time, I am not really sure. Will I still be working on my dissertation? Will I have a post-doc? Will I be bumming around in my station wagon, pseudo-Wurtele-style? Who really knows. But really… Who can say “no” to Costa Rica? Keep an eye on my blog, and Rev3’s website, for updates on the new international race’s progression. There will definitely be a Trakkers presence in the Caribbean next February!!

And don’t forget to register for Rev3 Quassy if you haven’t already. Use my discount (trakkers118) for a $10 discount.

OH! And!!!! Look for me this weekend if you’ll be at Rev3Knoxville! I’ll be hanging out at the Trakkers booth at the expo on Saturday!!


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Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. The Kauai Marathon is about a month before Ironman on the big island (sept)… not sure if you can swing a whole month in Hawaii, but it’s not a bad place to hang out for a couple weeks… and you could island hop. 🙂 Or stay for a couple months after Kona and Honolulu is in December. 🙂
    Good luck this weekend!

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