I gots it.

On Saturday, I hammered out a helloriffic 22miler with Marg to Calumet. Nothing beats 800ft of climbing between miles and 16 and 18. Pretty sure that made the last three miles feel like a breeze. I gots it.

On Sunday, I went out again for another 11 with some MegaTough ladies. Funny how an hour and half can go by so fast. I gots it.

I’m planning on joining the big boys on some group rides this spring. Tucking in with some speedsters can only make me stronger, right? These dudes are legit. I will get dropped off the back. But I gots it.

I also signed up for the Rev3 Quassy Half. Now I’m in it for all three Rev3 events. I am actually considering shortening the Knoxville plan and doing my first Olympic tri there so I can squeeze into all the ‘premiere’ events. So much for thinking about volunteering as a bike leader on the run course… I gots it.

Tune in tomorrow to Rev3Tri on BlogTalkRadio. Matty Reed will be interviewed by Simply Stu and Heather. Matty’s registered for all three Rev3s. He won Quassy last year. Dude is legit. He gots it.


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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