TrakkersGPS Site Launches

I remember when I first discovered Trakkers GPS. I stumbled upon one of their team member’s blogs, which directed me to a single-page site with the Trakkers GPS logo and a few images, and an application for the team. I was intrigued. I scoped out a few other Team Trakkers’ blogs, and discovered that the company is uber family-oriented, and is developing a novel GPS-based real-time tracking system for athletes. Sounded pretty sweet to me. So I applied for a spot on the team and was one of the lucky few to be selected!

The athletes on Team Trakkers (and at races where Trakkers GPS is testing) themselves don’t necessarily get immediate feedback on their race progress. Their race data (heart rate, pace, and location on the course) gets uploaded to the internet in a live-feed fashion for the athlete’s fan-club (eg. parents, husbands, and kids) to follow. Cool, eh? I’m pretty excited about it because I race a lot all over the US, and my parents can’t always make it (although I am sure they’d love to come along!), and this gives them a chance to “watch” me race without having to deal with all the traveling. For longer races, when they do travel to spectate (like Iron-distance events), it gives them real-time feedback on where I am on the course so they don’t just sit all day waiting for me to come in after the 112-mile bike (and they can hang out in town doing fun things or take a nap at their hotel)! This will be especially nice at the Cedar Point Rev3. Maybe they can ride a few rollercoasters while I am riding my bike around Sandusky? 🙂

Here’s a blip of my athlete page on their site. I’m one of the easier athletes to find on the map because I’m the only one up by Lake Superior 🙂 Make sure to see the map and look for a Trakkers athlete that lives near you!


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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