Ten things that make me happy

My teammie Joel just tagged me to write about 10 things that make me happy.  This should be easy! There are lots of things that make me happy. As an extension to my previous blog about spending some quality Humm Time, here goes, in no particular order, my favorite things in life:

  1. Good coffee. Freshly roasted, smooth, dark coffee. No sugar, no milk. Just straight up deliciousness that gives me a zing of caffeine and a smile. My favorite, of course, is Peace Coffee.  I love their Sumatran organic Italian roast. My new favorite: BlueOx Blend. A hot bit of the Midwest in a cup.
  2. Long runs with Margot. There’s something about being able to run for three hours with your best girl friend that makes the entire week’s woes just disappear! Sometimes we’re just unloading all our frazzle on each other, but neither of us mind. Sometimes we have discussions with disclosures, but neither of us are going to say anything to anyone else.
  3. Watching sci-fi movies with Baberaham. He’s been on a kick lately of finding really awesome flicks that are thought provoking, different, and just make you feel like a better person after watching. These include Ink and The Fountain. On tap? The film, Moon.
  4. Eating food. Fresh. real. whole food. Where you have to wash it and cut it and cook it before you can eat it. It doesn’t enter the microwave (unless its bacon), it doesn’t dare go near the freezer (unless its ice cream. I absolutely love homemade ice cream). My favorite days are when my CSA farmer brings us fresh produce. It’s always a surprise what we’ll be getting, and its always fun trying to figure out what to make next. Finding good recipes or trying something from scratch is fun. Being creative, enjoying a delicious meal.
  5. Sleeping in and making Saturday breakfasts. We get our bacon from a local farm (through our co-op) and it is by far the best bacon I’ve ever tasted. I like my eggs over-easy, with a side of hashbrowns. The bright orange yolks always taste so good smeared on gluten-free toast or potatoes. Also included in this… Having breakfast at the Erie Restaurant. A favorite past-time of mine. When I am visiting my parents, I try to make it a point to have breakfast there at least once during my stay.  Great food, even better people. Always a familiar face.
  6. Good whiskey. I don’t drink a lot. I like to enjoy a glass of scotch every once in a while, and have a whiskey and coke to calm my nerves sometimes. A bottle of good scotch will last use about six months. That’s why its not such a big deal to spend $50 on a bottle.
  7. Doing good work. I know it seems silly, but it is really something that makes me happy. When I do histology and see that my slices look great and my stain looks bright and beautiful. When I do qPCR and the data curves look like they’re supposed to. When I can figure something out on my own without the help of someone else.
  8. Being outside. Some days I just want to sit inside and be lazy. but as soon as I walk outside to do something, whether its go for a run or walk to the Bike Shop, I feel refreshed and want to do stuff. True, not everyday is a go-outside-day. When it’s -30, I usually pass on leaving the apartment. But there’s something about soaking up vitamin D that puts a smile on my face. Hiking. Biking. Snowshoeing. Running. Sitting on the KBC deck in the summer. Whatever. Being outdoors is a luxury.
  9. Being able to do what I love. This in an obvious one, but for so many people, I don’t think its the norm. I am blessed with a job that gives me freedom of flexibility. Sure, there are weeks (like last week) when I work 70 hours. There’s other weeks where I don’t have as much going on. I can train. I can race. I can have a life. I get to travel, meet exciting people, talk about my research with other people who are just as geeked about it as me, and share what I learn. I get to teach others, mentor others, learn from others. I get to try new things, solve problems. Sure, I feel dumb sometimes. I screw up. But that’s ok. I quite like not being perfect!
  10. Training right. This includes feeling ready to go for a run when I’m supposed to get out there and go for a run. Eating right. Hitting my training paces effortlessly. Running a smart race and reaping the rewards of a patient and strategic plan. Knowing when I need to cool it and when I need to ramp it up. Feeling fresh. Sleeping well.

Now, since I was tagged, I am supposed to tag 10 more bloggy-bloggers to create their own favorite-things list. Some of my buds have already done this, some have already been tagged… but not all of them! So here’s hoping that the following bloggers throw down their goods and tell me (and you) about ten things that make them happy!

Coach Kati (gluten-free teammie!)

Kara (ol’ rival and newfound friend)

Amy R. (award winning writer and running bud)

Meredith (Runner girl teammie!)

Chris T (Midwest homeboy)

Thomas (biochemist extraordinaire)

Adam (my favorite aspiring MD/PhD)

Mel at Tall Mom! (the infamous blogger)

Velma at Running with Boys (and fellow academia-ite)

FemNAEnv (newbie blogger, Megatough teammie, and best bud)


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Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. What a fun list— thanks for the tag! Watch for my own version soon!

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