Night Snowshoeing in the Keweenaw

Some of our good friends, T and D, came to town post-Christmas to enjoy the Keweenaw and have a bit of a vacation. Baberaham and I convinced them to join us on an evening snowshoe hike to explore Hungarian Falls in Tamarack City during the full moon. I thought this would be a great time to try out my new camera (the Lumix TS1) and take the Core Concepts gear out for another trial.

Unfortunately while we were gone for the holidays, the Keweenaw (and the state of Michigan in general) was coated in a nice sheet of ice from the freezing rain on Christmas Day. The snow was still in great shape, though, and although the trail was tracked out at times, it was a beautiful night and we barely needed to use our headlamps. The Falls weren’t yet ready for ice climbing, but the icecicles were massive and the falls were slushy.

It was a coooold night. The damp air made the breeze feel like it went right through us, and the temperatures dropped after the sun set because of the low cloud cover. I was pretty darn cold at first, but I was wearing two ‘active’ layers (my Brooks HVAC and a Craft poly) and my Core Concepts Double Shot jacket; I had on a pair of long underwear (Marmot) and my PowderPlay Bibs too. The bibs were quite nice at keeping my core warm and keeping the snow out. I didn’t wear the skirt to my Double Shot jacket because I forgot to reattach it before we left, but I didn’t need it! The bibs underneath worked great. And once I got moving, I was the perfect temperature. D was a bit sweaty and uncomfortable, and said he wished he had not worn so many layers…

It was eery walking around in the woods with the clouds moving over the full moon. It would be dark, then bright, then dark again. The sky was a red glow, which was captured beautifully with my Starry Nights feature on the Lumix (15sec exposure):

I still need to work on perfecting the use of the Lumix (hey, I’ve only used it twice!) but I foresee it being a stellar outdoors camera. Unfortunately I don’t have a steady hand and didn’t bring along a tripod, otherwise I’d have had some photos of the full moon and stars (the ones I took were pretty messy).

When I got home and took off my jacket and bibs, I was impressed that I wasn’t sweaty and damp. The breathability of the jacket and bibs after two hours of tromping around the woods was quite a nice feature. It got methinking about a new adventure to plan for the next full moon!! …Stay tuned.


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Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. Love it! I am doing quite a bit of trail running at night but no showshoe. I’ll have to recruite some peeps to go with me sometime. Looks like fun.

  2. been there in summer, but winter looks cooler. sweet ice pics.

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