Winter running tips… continued!

So I have been on a big winter-running-kick, probably because I am trying to get in 100 runs in 100 days in the Slowtwitch competition (see the ST button on the right side of my site?). So you can imagine my excitement today when I had not one, but two boxes at my doorstep. I knew they weren’t my holiday presents from Baberaham, because he had those shipped to his parents downstate. They could be nothing other than my winter trainers and my Nathan goodies!

To start off, I was so excited to open my new Nathan arm warmers and see that they were in fact silver, not white (as they look in the catalog). Awesome! Reflective, leotard-ish material, very snug. They even make me look a little buff! They are a great price, too, retailing under $25.

As a member of Brooks Inspire Daily, I was allowed to order Brooks gear for not just myself, but for anyone else on my shopping list- but only for the month of December (ish). A few weeks ago, I put in one last order for some Brooks goods before I rescinded my renewal application to the Brooks ID program (sad day).

So, since I could order stuff for fam and friends, and since I’ve recently converted Baberaham to both running and a Brooks-geekdom, I put in for a pair of size 10.5 Launch. He loves these shoes. Not only do they look fast, but he would argue that they are the most comfortable running shoes he’s ever had. Did I mention they look fast? Because of his knee instability, and his distaste for running in the cold, he sticks to the ‘mill, but as many of ya’ll know- the snow doesn’t stop me! So I ordered a pair of the ASRs to replace my used-and-abused La Sportiva Imogenes that I got in 2007 (yes. I know. tsk tsk).

The Adrenaline ASRs are a pretty sweet shoe. They are basically the Adrenalines, but with a waterproof upper, tread, and some sweet tongue designs. Snowflakes on shoes? Love it! My Imogenes were in grave need of replacing, even though the Sticky Soles held up really well!! Those were a great pair of shoes.I’m really excited to try out the ASRs. I’m looking forward to running the gamut of winter running shoes, because I’m super stoked to try out the Saucony shoes with gaitors (that will be later in the season, though). These new shoes got me thinking…

How do you tie your laces? I seem to remember an article somewhere (maybe Runner’s World?) that asked that question, but I honestly don’t remember reading the article or hearing anyone’s thoughts on the topic. I’ve tied my shoes the same way for the last ten years. I learned it from a physical therapist my dad had. She taught me it to keep me from needing to stop and tie my shoe during a run (or lose my shoe during a race!). It’s a sweet style, and I’m sharing it with you today.

First– [below] use the lace holes most posterior on the shoe. Go into the most posterior one first, from the inside of the shoe, and then make a ‘loop’ into the second-most posterior hole (coming into the second-farthest hole from the outside of the shoe). Do this for both sides. You’ll see why this is important later.

Second[below] Take the free end of the lace from the left side and thread it through the loop on the right. Do the same for the free lace from the right side. Of course, your foot can be in the shoe at this point, but it doesn’t need to be. After this second step, though- make sure your foot gets comfy in there πŸ˜€

Third!- Pull the free ends straight out (medially and laterally) to tighten down the loops.

Fourth and final step: Tie your shoe like you normally would- however you were taught as a kid! You can double knot your shoes, too. That always adds extra protection from loose laces.

The coolest thing about this lacing system is that its free. Ok, maybe that’s not the coolest thing, but that is pretty rad. The best thing about it, seriously, is that the laces won’t come loose, even if your shoe gets untied. Because the laces are threaded into the holes near the ankle, even if the bunny-hopping-through-the-forest tie job you did comes loose, the shoe probably won’t fall off because the laces will stay tight. I especially like this lacing system for trail shoes (there are enough obstacles in the way out there) and it also keeps my shoe more in line with my foot. I am definitely in the biomechanics-school-of-running, where I know I need a stability shoe because I know my feet overpronate. I want to get the most support out of my shoe as I need, and this lacing system helps make that happen. By keeping the shoe snug to my foot, I don’t get as much motion, rarely ever get a blister (unless I’m going sockless), and I may even get more life out of my shoe (I’m using the entire shoe, not just the sole; stress distribution, anyone?). So give it a try. If you don’t like it, that’s cool. Let me know!

As a side note, I’m going to try out my new Nathan Storm hydration pack tonight on the trails. Cross-country skiing must-have, especially if rocking the waxable classic skis. Here’s a sneak peak:


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  1. Ooh, I love those arm warmers – maybe I’ll make a last min. addition to my Christmas list!

    • The arm warmers are AWESOME! I am stoked to get to use them in the springtime for cycling. Looking forward to using them for some ski-time too.

  2. I saw your profile in Women’s Running.. CONGRATS!!

    I totally forgot to add your new website to my list…

    Hope you have a MErry Christmas!

  3. I use the same trick with my laces β€” and totally share your Brooks geekdom! My Adrenalines are the only shoes that feel good, fit my feet and accommodate my orthotics. I just paged through Women’s Running to find the aforementioned profile β€”Β too cool! I thought I recognized that photo from somehwhere … πŸ™‚

  4. I want those arm warmers. I’m ordering like 5 pairs after the new year!

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