Columbus Marathon: Brief Race Report

I thought I’d let ya’ll know how the Columbus Marathon went real quick-like. 14,000 racers started together on the 35degree Sunday morning. It was great, I was dressed perfectly in a long sleeve and shorts.

I finished in 3:19:51, over 2minutes faster than my previous best, and good for 15th in my AG and 56th overall. It was a competitive, fast course and I felt really good about the race. Toward the end, I’d lose focus and fall apart biomechanically. Cardiovascularly, though- I felt amazing! I had a minibonk around mile 18. Needless to say, my last 10K was a little rough. I had the right mentality for most of the race, though, and really felt it was my strongest marathon yet. Still, I know what to work on for next time, though!

I’ll write a more thorough race report later. Gotta go to work now!!


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. way to go!!

  2. Congrats Megan! Freaking awesome!!!

  3. Mel -Tall Mom on the Run

    That is FAST!! Wow. Congrats.. Seems amazing to me that you would have had any problems with such a great time!!

  4. That is such an awesome time!! I can't believe you actually blew up but you PRd so does it matter?? I want to hear more some time, congrats!

  5. Congrats! Sounds like a great race.As for knowing what to do next time… well, I have a tendency to think there will always be "something to do next time" for those of us who want to run more than one. It's the good thing about marathons – there's always going to be some new challenge, strategy, or adventure with every race! (and narrowly missing a time goal/PR always encourages continued attempts at the distance, right?)

  6. Congrats, Megan – you rock!Question for you, too! What do you eat during your marathons? I'm thinking I need to start playing with that more as I tend to have issues between 15-18 all the time. A friend of mine gave me some accel gel to try.I've done Cliff bars which I loved, but my stomach won't do anything like that when it's hot, it turns out. Jelly beans rock but it's hard to get enough of them and again, when hot, they turn into a clump. I've stuck with Shot Bloks the last couple and I thought they were working well. I tend to get sick of them by the end, though. I tried some goo once and it was way too sticky for me – it wasn't fun to force it down.

  7. Congrats and well done, that is a terrific marathon time! I wish I could run that fast!

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