11 Days until Ironman… and My First Podcast!

It’s over a week, but less than two. One week from tomorrow, Ian, AJ, Adam, and I are leaving for Madison to settle in. Actually, we are heading to Neshotah to stay with AJ’s parents (Team Joda), and then on Thursday we will be staying in Whitefish Bay with my amazing friend and Iron(wo)man, Gigi.

Gigi is a pretty amazing gal. I am going to designate an entry or two for her post-IM this year… but in the meantime, let’s just say she’s probably one of the toughest ladies I’ve ever met- and I know a lot of Mega Tough Ladies.

Anyway, the week is ironing out well so far. After Sunday’s ride, in which I bonked (in other words: hit the wall, ran out of gas), I felt sore, tired, and icky. My lungs ached. I had to use my emergency inhaler to alleviate the chest pain. Then, my back tightened up. I felt as if five-hundred needles were stabbing into my scapula all day. I could barely lift my arm. Adam rubbed my back, and after a quick rundown with the stick, it started to feel better. I slept on my back all night, and when I woke up this morning, I felt good as new. PHEW!

Today’s workouts included:

–Endless relay swim with Adam for 30minutes at lunchtime
–2hours (35miles) cycling with Margot to Elo and back.

My run plan for the rest of the week:
Tomorrow, I’m going to meet some of the new CCRC members and go for an easy run. I also have a few repeat miles on the line for Thursday, and a medium-long run on Saturday. The rest of the runs are short.

My bike plan:
Easy spin for a few hours on Friday, and again on Sunday. I think Sunday’s ride will include a bit of intensity (2x20minutes at high cadence/effort).

My swim plan:
A few open water swims, one on Thursday after the mile repeats, and again on Saturday or Sunday. I should also get into the pool for some stroke work on Friday, shooting for around 2000-2500yds.

I was thinking about doing a podcast. Well, in fact, I DID a podcast… last night. Should I post it? Whether you think Yay or Nay, let me know. 😀


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. I just found your blog…but I think a podcast is cool. Go ahead and post it!! It's your blog!

  2. Nice visiting your blog, I'm dying to hear about your "tough ladies." Tough gals are so inspiring. I'd like to hear your podcast! meg(I'm a Meghan too)

  3. I vote yes on the podcast! Good luck with taper madness

  4. Another vote for hearing the podcast!

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