15 days?!

OOohh man. 363hours. Crap crap crap. It’s now starting to hit me. Will I be able to sleep during race week? Will I go crazy, like everyone else says I will, because I’ll be tapering and have all this energy but no way to release it? What if I forget my running shoes in Houghton? Should I spend a few hours changing my tube so I can get my time down, just in case? Should I stop drinking coffee NOW? What if I can’t… you know… go to the… nevermind.

If things go the way they have been, I should do fine concerning a few of these potential issues. I can’t seem to get enough sleep this week! And let’s just say I don’t need coffee to do what my dad refers to as a “Thursday.” That’s always a risky factor, though, especially when traveling. I don’t really want to talk about that anymore.

I am nervous about flatting. I have only really flatted once, and it was because I put my tire on wrong (oops). I have heavy tires, but the roads can be a little rough out there.

I am nervous about the swim. I need to make sure I get the BodyGlide on (that’ll help, yeah?). I need to pull up the sleeves, pull up the legs, pull up the torso so nothing is pulling anywhere near my arms. I need to make sure my neck doesn’t get choked by the collar of my wetsuit.

I am excited about the bike, though. One hundred and twelve miles sounds like a long way. And it is, don’t get me wrong. But I know I can do it! I have done it so many times. I’ve even done it on the actual course, starting out in the rain. No big thing. It’s scary. There’s big hills, sharp turns, gravel. I hope there won’t be any gravel… But can I do it fast? Will I? Can I hang with the big kids? We’ll see on race day. My goals: Don’t go out too fast. Don’t get sucked in by the peeps on their big bikes cruising past me up Mt Horeb. There’s a lot more race after Mt Horeb.

I am stoked about the run. I am a runner. I can do a marathon. I feel good after biking. I know it’s ok to walk. I will walk. I know I will get delirious. I know I will hit the wall. I also know it’s ok to drink Coca-Cola. I am looking forward (oh, so much forward) to drinking Coca-Cola. I think, with all the Coke I drink during training, that Coca-Cola should sponsor me. HFCS is bad, but, Coke is just so good.

More to come later. I think I will be ok. Going to spend some quality run-time with my Brooks tomorrow and some quality relaxo-time with my boyfriend now.


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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  1. I can only imagine the taper madness as a million times worse than marathon taper madness. Just keep remembering how well prepared you are! You're going to rock!

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