Century ride, Yooper style

Yesterday, a group of us ventured into the Keweenaw for a great 90+ mile ride. It was just shy of a century, and it was the best day yet for 2009!

The roads were clear, and the sun was out the whole day. There were six of us on a cruising ride, and it was so fun to be able to ride in a line and keep my heart rate down for the first two hours. I wasn’t planning on riding 100 miles (only 40-50), so when we got to mile 45 and I realized I had downed all my food, I got a little panicky. Luckily, Tervo had a few Honey Stingers in his back pocket. Fruit smoothie tastes so dang good!! We were also lucky that the Phoenix gas station was open (on Easter, no less!) and the nice lady there had her shelves stocked with great food (“Junk” food! Yum!). I had a candy bar and a bag of fritos, washed it down with some Coke, and felt invigorated. We hammered along at a pretty good clip, our second half was definitely faster than the first. The hills were tough, but I was glad to be able to get on the saddle for a good six hours! I have a sunburn on my thighs and nose, and a little chafing… but it was definitely worth it. Next time, I’m definitely bringing more food, even if I only “plan” to go for 40 miles!

Afterward, Adam and I brought stuff to make white chicken chili to Caleb’s house. Our creamy soup had a smooth roux base, chili spices, sweet red peppers, jalepenos, fresh tomatoes, garlic and onion. I am excited to have leftovers for lunch!! I also got some delicious California strawberries on sale at Econo… but they just don’t compare to the tiny Michigan berries that pack so much flavor. I can’t wait for summer, when I can finally get fresh, local fruits and veggies!!

Today is going to be an easy day, with a swim or easy run planned for the afternoon. I need to get it into gear with work- lacking focus (I think I absorbed a little too much vitamin D,… is that possible?!).


About megankillian

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. I love biomechanics!

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